For us, turf grass is more than just the top layer. It is a sophisticated system in which all the components have to be coordinated with each other. We have already taken a number of steps in the area of sustainability. One example is the fully recyclable systems for football. The components we use during construction are becoming more and more sustainable.

For example, we have introduced the Sealing by J&E Sports, in which the adhesive and glue carrier have the same material DNA as the turf grass. This would allow the entire system to be fully recycled into a new synthetic turf product.


  1. Waste separation on site: We separate waste as much as possible on location. If this is not possible, we make sure that this is done by a certified waste processor. The artificial turf is recycled via GBN AGR B.V.
  2. Reuse of materials: Residual materials are always taken back to our storage facility and are reused elsewhere where possible.
  3. Sustainable laying techniques: We look for the most efficient and sustainable method of laying artificial grass. One of the developments is the introduction of the Sealing by J&E Sports.