Within the installation, there are various techniques that can be used to install artificial turf sports pitches. Every sports system has its own specific wishes. We work according to the system concept, whereby the artificial turf sports pitch is a combination of a substructure, top layer, and infill.

Over the past 30 years, we have gained worldwide knowledge about the installation of artificial turf sports systems. Thanks to this knowledge, we are able to install an artificial turf pitch tailored to each location. We always install the pitches in accordance with the applicable quality standards, such as FIFA, FIH, ITF, and IRB.

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Every sport has its own specific requirements for the artificial turf, such as shock absorption and ball roll, etc. In all sports, these properties are obtained from the combination of the substructure, the artificial turf top layer, and the infill. Together this forms the total artificial turf system.

Over the years we have gained experience in all kinds of sports. We install pitches for football, tennis, hockey, korfball, rugby, golf, multi-sports, etc.


The artificial turf pitches with rubber infill are the so-called third generation artificial turf pitches. These systems are mainly used for football and rugby. Characteristics of these systems are the long fibers (40-60 mm) with a combination of sand and granulate for shock absorption (SBR, TPE or EPDM) as infill.



The sand-filled systems are the traditional artificial turf pitches. Hockey on artificial turf once started on these systems, which have proven their quality over the years. In addition to hockey, sand-filled systems are also used for tennis, korfball and multi-sport. It is an artificial turf with relatively short fibers (20-25 mm) that is filled with sand. The sand ensures the stability of the turf.


Water Pitches

Water pitches are used at the top level of hockey. These are systems with a high fiber intensity, this ensures an even pitch. The game takes place entirely on the fiber, making the ball behaviour predictable. Before the game and during halftime, a large amount of water is sprayed on the pitch to make the game even faster.


How long does it take to lay a sports pitch?

A new sports pitch is built in 6 - 12 weeks. Because the construction of artificial turf pitches is traditionally carried out in the summer, this creates enormous peak periods. In order to avoid these extreme peak periods, we have developed a method with Antea Sports whereby an artificial turf pitch can be renovated within 1 to a maximum of 2 weeks. In this way, a pitch is only one weekend not useable. 

Does an artificial turf pitch need to be maintained?

Maintenance is essential to keep the artificial turf pitch in optimal condition. Artificial turf is maintenance-friendly, but certainly not maintenance-free. The day-to-day and specialist maintenance has a positive influence on the lifespan and playing characteristics of the pitch.

What is the lifespan of an artificial turf pitch?

Depending on the intensity of play and the quality of the day-to-day and specialist maintenance, an artificial grass pitch will last 10 up to 15 years.